Saturday, October 3, 2009

Woman got rich scratching online cards!

Oh man! I could not beleive it until I saw her picture holding the 100,000 Euro check in her hand, and what a smile she had....
So,how did it all start? Well, this woman from France,named Lydia, scratched a 10 Euro "Super Slot" card on That was just enough to grab an amazing 100K prize. This is the biggest prize ever at Hopa! which just went live in April this year. It proves that the big prizes are actuale there and can be won. Mny people feel they can only win a few hundreds dollars playing online scratch cards but oviously thats wrong.
Go to Hopa! and see for your self -click here. can be played in many languages and with different currencies so I am sure you will scratch some thing that will firt you. If you want to read a review on Hopa online scratch cards you can do it here :
Hopa scratch cards review

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