Friday, October 9, 2009

online scratch cards tips

Thought I would tip you guys before you go spending your money.

1. Choose a card that suited to your budget. Don't jump too high with a 20 Euro scratch card when you planned on "trying" it out with 2 or 3 Euros

2. If you win, make sure you cash out. Don't leave winning money in your player account. You will only be tempted by the site operators to come back and spend that extra money and buy a few more online scratch off cards.

3. Set a loosing budget per week or month. Online scratch cards maybe a game but your money isn't ! Stick to the budget. And I am not your mom or boss here but a real virtual friend who feels as if I know you. The famous saying " been there-done that"

4. Play for free before you put in real money. Try the game first. See if its any good, If you even like it. Only then buy real online scratch cards. If you win or lose in the play "for free" version, it should have no effect on the real "play for money" mode.

5. If you keep losing and losing - STOP. Chances you will hit a 100K Jackpot the next round are too small.

6. Don't play drunk or high! If you are doing shit, don't mix it with money.

7. Take advantage of good offers and double your money. Get a 100% match up bonus on your money or 5 Euros free at a great web site like hopa scratch cards

8. Eat your vegetables. They are healthy. Especially the green ones. This has nothing to do with scratching off cards online but its good for your body and not "mind and soul". Don't forget to enjoy the game.

See you all soon....