Saturday, December 19, 2009

Slots or Scratch Card?

Bon Appetit is one of my favorite online scratch cards games. It has this mature and fresh,yet silly theme of cullinary. Being a "healthy" man myself, I kind of like seeing those pizza slices on my screen. It seems ovious that the creaters of this game gave us ,scratch cards fans, some slots expirience. I guesse they think that everybody that plays easy instant win games will apriciate slots as well. Hey, they might be right. Either way, the prize of 200,000 Dollars or Euro's should be enough to open a friendly neighborhood corner pizza. Just imagine scratching off that lucky card or rather the slot in this case and hearing the bells ringing? Just so you know, in order to win the big jackpot, you need to be betting on all 9 pay lines and not the good old one line in the center. You can play Bon Appetit at both Scrath2cash or at Hopa! We wish you appetite!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Watch this Video!

People I know just don't beleive that there is so much money to win in online scratch cards so I thought I would put up this short video. Watch and enjoy!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Win 50 times your bet at AllSlots casino

Yes my friends, This fantastic online casino has a wonderful online scratch card game and you can win up to 50 times your bet. If you bet 10 dollars and get will be heading home with 500 bucks. Not bad for scratch cards. All though this site has many other games, mainly online slots and video poker, I stick to my love of online scratch cards. I played this game this weekend and found it pretty nice. These guys don't have all those themes that the online scratch cards sites usually have ( and but at least you get the thrill of casino and action. I do hope they will "theme" their cards one day. Any way, I do recommend because it was and is fun and sounds and software are good, so go along and enjoy playing online scratch cards at this casino

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New "Hilo"game from Prime Scratch Cards

Hilo is an exciting and fast moving new game from Prime ScratchCards. It combines superb graphics with ease of play, to create a truly satisfying gaming experience. Simply choose how much to bet, then click Play and guess whether the number rolled will be higher or lower than the number displayed on the screen. Hilo is a quick and enjoyable way to boost your winnings with Prime ScratchCards.
Like all Prime Scratchcards games Hilo offers a 1 in 3 chance of every play being a winner; with major Jackpots waiting. Click here to play

Like a good scratch? Try ours Scratching has never been so rewarding click to see why

Play the great scratch, match, cash game daily with Prime Scratch cards, for a little money there's a lot of cash up for grabs. Click here to play.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

He won't scratch off those cards!

This is totally crazy! I came across this Blog by Guy named Ali, I think he's from London. Anyway, the guy has a "thing" for scratch cards. He collects them. So what? may ask...Well, he doesn't scratch them!!!! He keeps them all unscratched!!
What now? you probably ask, well, he is doing a "project" and trying to collect over 7000 scratch cards that are unscratched. He then wants to paste them all in a big room or gallery and even publish them to a book. His blog is and you can go in and see for your self the pictures of hundreds of scratch card tickets (that weren't scratched!)
Now, is this guy crazy or what? perhaps he is smarter than all of us. He might be sitting on a barrel of cash. Anyway, I like his idea. Even though I cant hold a scratch card unscratched for more than a minute. I wish him and his project all the best. I hope he will invite me over to scratch off a few cards (as long as I get to keep the winnings!). You guys can help too by sending a card or more from your home town.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

3 wow online scratch card

One of the best and most rewarding game out there today is 3 wow. This game has a jackpot of 1 million euros or pounds. You can choose from any 9 cards, and then you have to scratch of all 9 panels. Then, if you have 3 panels with same amount of money prize, you scratch the multiplier panel also and see how your prize money is multiplied. You can get the 1 million prize in 2 forms. Either you take 255,00 cash or 5,500 monthly for 15 years. If you ask me....I go for...well I don't know. Haven't been a millioner yet. You can play 3 wow at hopa scratch cards and at some other sites as well. Below you can see the image of the the online scratch card.

Friday, October 9, 2009

online scratch cards tips

Thought I would tip you guys before you go spending your money.

1. Choose a card that suited to your budget. Don't jump too high with a 20 Euro scratch card when you planned on "trying" it out with 2 or 3 Euros

2. If you win, make sure you cash out. Don't leave winning money in your player account. You will only be tempted by the site operators to come back and spend that extra money and buy a few more online scratch off cards.

3. Set a loosing budget per week or month. Online scratch cards maybe a game but your money isn't ! Stick to the budget. And I am not your mom or boss here but a real virtual friend who feels as if I know you. The famous saying " been there-done that"

4. Play for free before you put in real money. Try the game first. See if its any good, If you even like it. Only then buy real online scratch cards. If you win or lose in the play "for free" version, it should have no effect on the real "play for money" mode.

5. If you keep losing and losing - STOP. Chances you will hit a 100K Jackpot the next round are too small.

6. Don't play drunk or high! If you are doing shit, don't mix it with money.

7. Take advantage of good offers and double your money. Get a 100% match up bonus on your money or 5 Euros free at a great web site like hopa scratch cards

8. Eat your vegetables. They are healthy. Especially the green ones. This has nothing to do with scratching off cards online but its good for your body and not "mind and soul". Don't forget to enjoy the game.

See you all soon....

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Woman got rich scratching online cards!

Oh man! I could not beleive it until I saw her picture holding the 100,000 Euro check in her hand, and what a smile she had....
So,how did it all start? Well, this woman from France,named Lydia, scratched a 10 Euro "Super Slot" card on That was just enough to grab an amazing 100K prize. This is the biggest prize ever at Hopa! which just went live in April this year. It proves that the big prizes are actuale there and can be won. Mny people feel they can only win a few hundreds dollars playing online scratch cards but oviously thats wrong.
Go to Hopa! and see for your self -click here. can be played in many languages and with different currencies so I am sure you will scratch some thing that will firt you. If you want to read a review on Hopa online scratch cards you can do it here :
Hopa scratch cards review

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Why I love scrathing those cards...

I admit, I scratch more cards than my own back. What can I say. Its true. Perhaps I am addicted? Maybe, but I am in to it because of fun and excitment. Its better than drinking or smoking, thats for sure, even though I do both. Since this this my first post on the topic of online scratch cards, I will start by letting the reader know why I love the scratch game or better call it the advantages of playing online scratch cards.
First, its available 24/7. Yep, all day and all night. Your local lottery stand wont open his shop early in the morning just because you want to scratch off a few cards.
Second, the bonuses. Yes, thats my favorite! All scratch card internet companies (basicaly its a software company) will give you tons of free cash. They will either give you a few bucks totaly free to try them out or match your money up to a certain amount, for example: Deposit $50 and there will be another $50 in your player acount, so you begin your luck with $100 - not bad for a virtual world, eh? Will your local news or lottery stand match your hard earned money? Hell no!
And finaly, the excitment. The graphics are awsome, there is music, sounds, winning effects. It reminds me of those slot machines in the casinos. Any way, I will shorten this post or else it will beccome a scratch novel. I hope you will come back and read. On my end, I will try to get you guys a review of some of the thousands of games out there that are divided in to many themes.
I will give you my tips and share my winnings and loses with you all (thats happens also). Enjoy!