Saturday, September 19, 2009

Why I love scrathing those cards...

I admit, I scratch more cards than my own back. What can I say. Its true. Perhaps I am addicted? Maybe, but I am in to it because of fun and excitment. Its better than drinking or smoking, thats for sure, even though I do both. Since this this my first post on the topic of online scratch cards, I will start by letting the reader know why I love the scratch game or better call it the advantages of playing online scratch cards.
First, its available 24/7. Yep, all day and all night. Your local lottery stand wont open his shop early in the morning just because you want to scratch off a few cards.
Second, the bonuses. Yes, thats my favorite! All scratch card internet companies (basicaly its a software company) will give you tons of free cash. They will either give you a few bucks totaly free to try them out or match your money up to a certain amount, for example: Deposit $50 and there will be another $50 in your player acount, so you begin your luck with $100 - not bad for a virtual world, eh? Will your local news or lottery stand match your hard earned money? Hell no!
And finaly, the excitment. The graphics are awsome, there is music, sounds, winning effects. It reminds me of those slot machines in the casinos. Any way, I will shorten this post or else it will beccome a scratch novel. I hope you will come back and read. On my end, I will try to get you guys a review of some of the thousands of games out there that are divided in to many themes.
I will give you my tips and share my winnings and loses with you all (thats happens also). Enjoy!

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