Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Play Bingo Beetle at Jackpot Scratch - click here

Beetle Bingo scratch card game

Your numbers are lined up for an online scratch ‘n win

Get ready to yell bingo when you hit the jackpot with Beetle Bingo.

In this compelling scratch and win version, the numbers are delivered by colorful beetle characters scurrying across your screen. Get five in a row, and you win. Each card offers three separate chances to win as much as $100K.

A 100% signup bonus of up to $250 on your first deposit, and up to $150 on your second deposit, help get you started on your way to hours of entertainment and winnings.

Get your friends to signup and you’ll enjoy an additional $25 bonus per person.

Add to that 24/7 support, 95% return to player and an average hit frequency of one in three, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Start scratching now. The odds may be random, but the fun is guaranteed.

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