Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Roaring 20s online scratch card game

We recommend you play Roaring 20's at Totesport Casino

This is defenetly one of my favorites. It's a Mafia style theme from the 20's in Chicago or Ney York. Its loads of fun. In fact its even refreshing. It seems sometime that online scratch cards are all about sports or animals and other common things, but these guys at Totesport casino have other themes and thats fun. Thats why I keep comming back to them once in a while. You can play the game for fun with out even signing up to the casino or if you want some real action, then sign up and a deposit a few pounds. Make sure Al Capone want chase you and you winnings. That swhy I say, keep it quick,simple and leave. Its just a game, but a danm good one!

We recommend you Play Roaring 20's at Totesport Casino

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