Thursday, March 4, 2010

A man eats his 10,000 Euro scratch card win!

This is truly unbeleivable! A man flying on Ryan air low cost air line has won 10,000 euros with a scratch card he bought or got in some promotion on board.When he was told by the cabin crew that he would have to contact the company behind the promotion to claim his prize, He got so pissed that he decided to eat the card. This crazy man was offered pizza or a sandwich but has refused. He actualy thought that the cabin crew has stacks of cash somewhere in the bins or galley.
Well what can I say, I suggest play ONLINE SCRATCH CARDS !


  1. ...heah...unbelievable ! Maybe scratch cards taste so good so, he cannot refuse to eat this one :-) ...well,just imagine, scratch cards with nice feel, smelt and taste! hehe...when the card will be unlucky, we could eat such card...haha :-)
    I'm also fan of scratch cards. Although, my "biggest" love is lottery and lotto. I like the Scratch2Cash's advertisimen : Why Scratch Your Head? hehe...funny...
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  4. If he doesn't have that huge cash, then like what my friend suggested me, he better try playing for free scratch cards at all the time

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