Wednesday, January 13, 2010

French man wins 100,000 Euro's!

A French man scratched a 10 Euro ticket and has found himself staring at the screen of his PC and counting the number of zeros. Yes, he won the 100,000 jackpot while scratching the "super chance" game. Wow, I need some air ! I mean I won $40 and then $200 and a few $10's here and there but 100K? Holy cow, isn't that enough for a Ferrari? I think you even get change!

This french man, Ivan C. said this after winning : “The year 2010 started really well. I played on the website Scratch2Cash with a €10 ticket, which I won on. I looked at my winnings and I saw the number one, followed by several zeros.” The lucky french man continues : “At first I thought it was €1,000, but after looking closer I thought I saw € 10,000. I began to count the number of zeros after number 1: there were five. I had won € 100,000! I could not believe it. I stayed for fifteen minutes in front of my screen to watch the jackpot flash. Looking at my credit balance, I realized that this was reality.” Ivan C. continued. “The luck can come at any moment.”

Scratch2cash is the first major online scratch card site. It has over 50 games and more added almost monthly. You can play online scratch cards with several currencies depending on where you are from and it has a variety of different payment methods. Are you the next lucky "french" or "German" or "Aussie" or "dutch" or what ever????

I hope I would write a post on you too! If you win, say I sent you! ( and tip me....heeeee)

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